Women “Desire”,-???


It was a mystery he failed again to unfold, unable to detect the fathom of a womens heart.Reached the most unartificial results though; 

He knew he was everything a women needs or wants in natural case, in his own way!

After a few drags he was ready for the  new adventure,The slow world-his mind set on the reverse gear with thinking  ability turning twice every second to write something new,he never regreted his  dope life until he thought from her brains.

He felt doing it for her; like Being a good man,well settled ,nicely dressed and Blah!

Sometimes she desired to spent her life which was still future,romancing all over.

On the other she even tried to get rid off,

They were a common couple but life was drooping strange things with them.

He couldnt conquer his heart over his brain .Or he couldnt be on two tracks at the same time.

He never sipped confession with her,

He tried to understand many times what exactly she wanted from him; they knew very well that they had to walk life from different routes,it was always a question for him,who controls his heart?

why should i do things she wants me to do,even after knowing that we were just bisectors walking on the path of life…

He thought

Unfavourable “Breakup”

The breathe was high and tough

The thoughts were Blur and Rough

Desired to utter about his feelings were a miss

He never had the habit of expressing his abyss

To whom will he rely, say or cry

There were none for him to give a try

Betting that he had played his parts and portions

He was Getting into numerous answers for no questions

Nothing was wrong between the duo

After a week of no talks he didnt had any wind-up to show.


A ‘budding’ relation.

Met for the first time in their life, All  the sorrows of the past melted itself  into fizz of satisfaction of the entire time,The ashes on the coal found its own way out to leave a pleasant matt red light of love,

with brewing natural phenomenon of sentiments; that they never experienced before.

The feeling of precepting one another without commas or any interruptions, The feeling to see their need for the time without blinking eyes,The feeling to describe each other’s beauty for hour’s without any halts. The toxic desire to cherish breath, made their abstract stronger by the day which was not ready to pass, Submission of all worldly things for just words followed by willingness to share every moment from the first breath together till R.I.P here after.

They had ignited flames of desperation’s in their hearts,which is famously known as ‘Love at first sight’.

A Letter to my ‘wife’


I am not substantial.

I couldnt find a better job.
I am not distinguished.
I couldnt persuade your parents.
I couldnt care our kids better.
I couldnt give you, what you deserved.
I couldnt comprehend you feelings.
I couldnt be a better Lover……..

When nobody cared his ‘Day’.

Never celebrated or cared his birthday after stepping into his teenage,

But was very cautious for his day this time, He eagerly awaited for her call  or wishes by her from any means, he was least considered about his family or rest  of the world.

Repeatedy kept checking the text inbox.

The keenness was only for that special person he had in his aliveness…..

He gathered all the belief and love he had constant in his heart; To have satisfied glistening thoughts-

‘By the end of the day I would get a chance to hear her charming blissful voice once again in my life.’

However, Time was walking on the huge clock today which made him late to reach hours!

Time completed his journey for the day but there were no interruptions whatsoever,

His wait ended because the time started his journey for the next day, Leaving him

in great grief and poverty….

In the End, he only uttered to himself;

Nobody cares “Never mind”….