Reel Life to Real Life.

Made her feel princess as far as he could.
He knew he wasnt so good in any walk of life to have a girl like her. A beauty with best heart and soul ! She was comfortable with him and made him cozy as well and made the bonding unconditional.
He sometimes thought may be,its a gift from the almighty.
So calm,pure,heart as crystal-so beautiful.
But she wasnt snow white or barbie;
because they were folks and she was real!
Or we can say difference in the same standard!
A lot of things he kept guessing about her
Like what exactly made her fall for him,he was just a random face from the crowd
May be this is Love, not exactly but he had seen the movie Beauty and the Beast.
He concluded- its the reel life that inspired his real life!

2 thoughts on “Reel Life to Real Life.

  1. I love your writings, i know it’s weird but i can relate to all of your writings. it seems someone is writing about someone else feelings. =)))


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