“Diminishing Love”

I dont know how would i explain this little but big things that are going to stir our lives. 
I would find time and happiness  in somewhere or the other way,
Please dont leave me!I uttered time and again! She was curious to know what i was about to say.
I know when i go out i always give you a hugg or kiss that would change as time passes , it wont be such – that i would fall for some other girl or i had any utility  with you but it may be hurry to the office or       i would forget to do so in some other stress.
I always told her,when we get together after marriage,i will be loving you the same as i do now,but i would be stressed in number of things like office ,kids ,family and stuffs.
I wont be calling you princess or angel,i wont be able to give enough time, i wont be pampering you,i wont be making  love to you every night – as i do now ,
Sometimes i would be harsh on you or sarcastic….
“i know i am gonna change after years” 
But still i will be loving you with the same intensity but i wont be able to express it to you the way I did!

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