“Frozen days”


Shattered like a Broken mirror he was;
Choosed to stay lonely, so nobody disturbs for his favourite pass time!
Recalling her pretty face, lustful eyes or wide pink lips or the  moments of thier aliveness like playing in the rain or embracing on the small couch and sniffing the scent of her hair and falling asleep in the pleasant aroma …

Sometimes he turned aggressive;
How can this be thier end ?
Or concluded this is the way thier life was destined!

Perception were pinching him all day’s in his nights, He couldnt get over her or didnt desired to get over the bitter verity.
Tried to recollect all the pretty or silly article the pair accomplished together
He had her no more in his life!
But still everything of her in his life……

2 thoughts on ““Frozen days”

  1. she fell in love with his silence, yet his silence made her heart broken.

    Now, she’s still believe that the magnificent portrait of their love story will be re-lived someday.

    She lives in her own world of trance.


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