Stupid-Common Man

The conceptions of a common man he thought he had, Articles and  Laughter of no reason he served.

He had difficulties in searching himself
was neither good for, any tradition of  time nor had any intellectual behaviour in him.
Very rare and unique principles he lived in his life;
Like letting things work on its own way and wait for the results to come!
Peeped in many eyes of advice with utmost gratitude, But understood very  little of the words he heard.
Wasnt degraded in life with any means, considered himself a face in the crowd.
His thoughts were of no use because himself he didnt knew what was he thinking about.
Messed up in his early 20’s about the ‘Philosophy of Life’ unambitious with passing days.with hair scribled, unshaved beard and always in his night dress; The stupid common man he was…….

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