A Letter to my ‘wife’


I am not substantial.

I couldnt find a better job.
I am not distinguished.
I couldnt persuade your parents.
I couldnt care our kids better.
I couldnt give you, what you deserved.
I couldnt comprehend you feelings.
I couldnt be a better Lover……..

17 thoughts on “A Letter to my ‘wife’

  1. I have felt all those same feelings! But I came to this realization this week…
    IF you made the effort to be “enough” than you don’t need to apologize!
    As men we think we have to be all things to everyone and sometimes we do have to go above and beyond but if you are doing your best YOU ARE ENOUGH!
    Do not punish yourself for the way she views you anymore! Look in the mirror and if you can honestly say you have made the effort than what she thinks is irrelevant!
    Be happy with you!

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