When nobody cared his ‘Day’.

Never celebrated or cared his birthday after stepping into his teenage,

But was very cautious for his day this time, He eagerly awaited for her call  or wishes by her from any means, he was least considered about his family or rest  of the world.

Repeatedy kept checking the text inbox.

The keenness was only for that special person he had in his aliveness…..

He gathered all the belief and love he had constant in his heart; To have satisfied glistening thoughts-

‘By the end of the day I would get a chance to hear her charming blissful voice once again in my life.’

However, Time was walking on the huge clock today which made him late to reach hours!

Time completed his journey for the day but there were no interruptions whatsoever,

His wait ended because the time started his journey for the next day, Leaving him

in great grief and poverty….

In the End, he only uttered to himself;

Nobody cares “Never mind”….

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