A ‘budding’ relation.

Met for the first time in their life, All  the sorrows of the past melted itself  into fizz of satisfaction of the entire time,The ashes on the coal found its own way out to leave a pleasant matt red light of love,

with brewing natural phenomenon of sentiments; that they never experienced before.

The feeling of precepting one another without commas or any interruptions, The feeling to see their need for the time without blinking eyes,The feeling to describe each other’s beauty for hour’s without any halts. The toxic desire to cherish breath, made their abstract stronger by the day which was not ready to pass, Submission of all worldly things for just words followed by willingness to share every moment from the first breath together till R.I.P here after.

They had ignited flames of desperation’s in their hearts,which is famously known as ‘Love at first sight’.

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