Stupid-Common Man

The conceptions of a common man he thought he had, Articles and  Laughter of no reason he served.

He had difficulties in searching himself
was neither good for, any tradition of  time nor had any intellectual behaviour in him.
Very rare and unique principles he lived in his life;
Like letting things work on its own way and wait for the results to come!
Peeped in many eyes of advice with utmost gratitude, But understood very  little of the words he heard.
Wasnt degraded in life with any means, considered himself a face in the crowd.
His thoughts were of no use because himself he didnt knew what was he thinking about.
Messed up in his early 20’s about the ‘Philosophy of Life’ unambitious with passing days.with hair scribled, unshaved beard and always in his night dress; The stupid common man he was…….

“Frozen days”


Shattered like a Broken mirror he was;
Choosed to stay lonely, so nobody disturbs for his favourite pass time!
Recalling her pretty face, lustful eyes or wide pink lips or the  moments of thier aliveness like playing in the rain or embracing on the small couch and sniffing the scent of her hair and falling asleep in the pleasant aroma …

Sometimes he turned aggressive;
How can this be thier end ?
Or concluded this is the way thier life was destined!

Perception were pinching him all day’s in his nights, He couldnt get over her or didnt desired to get over the bitter verity.
Tried to recollect all the pretty or silly article the pair accomplished together
He had her no more in his life!
But still everything of her in his life……

“Snowman’s Sonnet”

Cold and smooth; winter exhaled fresh air,
Touched  the snowman which made him
feel her fervor.
She sang him love songs usually at night,
He romanced her till the sky turned white.
Satisfied and cheerful he was with her,
They enjoyed every moment together.
The pair  knew Life wouldn’t be Forever,
But they were happy to know they were
dying shoulder to shoulder.
It was the wrath of nature they had to lose
their existence,
But no power can deny their Love


Always tried doing something big for fame of their name, a normal book keeper of less knowledge of his work, had his mind repeatedly hovering on articles which nobody knew!

He desired to be enormously popular but unlike many celebrities or business tycoons,
There was nothing so special to know about their story,things were ordinary and common like every romantic fable, still there was a need which made him eager!
Afraid of getting his privacy ruined,He wanted  all of the world to know their unconditional sweet relation and their  beautiful Love life.
But he just wanted their names to be famous not them,
A story, a book or substance which would be memorized or honoured with their name ‘afmai’

“Diminishing Love”

I dont know how would i explain this little but big things that are going to stir our lives. 
I would find time and happiness  in somewhere or the other way,
Please dont leave me!I uttered time and again! She was curious to know what i was about to say.
I know when i go out i always give you a hugg or kiss that would change as time passes , it wont be such – that i would fall for some other girl or i had any utility  with you but it may be hurry to the office or       i would forget to do so in some other stress.
I always told her,when we get together after marriage,i will be loving you the same as i do now,but i would be stressed in number of things like office ,kids ,family and stuffs.
I wont be calling you princess or angel,i wont be able to give enough time, i wont be pampering you,i wont be making  love to you every night – as i do now ,
Sometimes i would be harsh on you or sarcastic….
“i know i am gonna change after years” 
But still i will be loving you with the same intensity but i wont be able to express it to you the way I did!


Never realized about himself or what he had in his head pocket, Thinking of what which was never meant for him-big words (market crash,cutting the fat ,product evolution)hurdling all over his head ‘whatever’,he Acted as if he didnt gave a f**k! 

But the things kept bugging  him like a gangar at night.

Sitting between two technical guys kept peeping at them continuosly after few proper intervals;so that they dont feel he is interested or curious! He turned his face missed the topic by getting camouflaged in the natures beauty around the sky sipping coffee!
After a while he thought what was the theme all about!