No matter,what happens 

Irrespective of all the offense

I will stand by you forever

Since you gave me the pleasure and joy i had ever

I feel like giving a slow hugg and a whisper deep inside you.

As you carry the best ardour out of the few

You prevail in my heart and vein

But didnt left my flesh and brain

I wont let you slip away

Though our routes are stray

Come what may,i will love you

my soul is accompanied with no clue

For every single need i have got

You are the only girl i wish to tie the knot



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Here are her (who nominated me) questions asked and answered;

1.  The world would end in exactly 10 mins,you have time for 3 phone calls;who would you call?

Ans- Fatima,Fatima,Fatima……

2.   There are 7 visible colors in a rainbow.if you had to eliminate one color,which one it would be?

Ans- Yellow,i never liked that color.

3.   You have died and standing at the reincarnation station.    Unfortunately,there are only 2 options available today. To poor homeless and wise or extremely rich,powerful and stupid,which one will you choose?

Ans- To be rich,powerful and stupid i choose, because i don’t want  to experience the same even after dying, 🙂 .

4.   Which scenario best suits you? A cabana on the pristine  secluded beach or a penthouse apartment in a giant metropolis?

Ans-  Definitely a cabana on a secluded beach,

5.  Imagine for an instance you are Noah,with only 1 room for one more pair of species,But in confusion you have forgotten to include dogs and cats,which do you let in?

Ans-  I wish that i was Noah there wouldn’t be any dogs in the world.

6.  Which do you prefer ? a mediocre T-BONE steak with all the trimmings or an amazing hot dog with french fries?

Ans-  French fries all the way! I love them with ketchup,

7.  Which of the following best describes your character? Aung   san suu kyi,Vladimir putin, dalai lama,or homer simpson?

Ans- None of them,

8. Earth is in a collision course with a massive asteroid.There is  room for just one more volunteer for what is almost definitely a  suicide mission to save the planet.Do you stay here and hope   for the best or take charge of your on destiny?

Ans- i would stay home,i hate flying

9.  For some bizarre reason, the government of your country  decided to ration light bulbs ,you are only allowed one per household ,which room gets the light?

Ans-  Bathroom,i want to know i have cleaned myself well,

10.  On the island of Bermuda there are 9 parishes.First is St.George which includes St.David’s( the best part) there are 8 others whose name i don’t recall at this time.Which part is the best?

Ans-  Question out of my vocabulary……

Here are my nominees:

10 Questions for you :

  1. If you could eat lunch with one famous person, who would it  be?
  2. Do you like dancing?
  3. What do you consider to the most valuable thing you own: when you were a child/teenager/now?
  4. If you were to get a tattoo, what would it say or what would the graphic be?
  5. You were just given a yacht. What would you name it?
  6. What would you leave in your will for the person you care about the most?
  7. You’ve just been hired to a promotions position at Kellog Co. What would you put in a new breakfast cereal box as a gimmick
  8. Tell me something about you that most people don’t know
  9. Who do you admire the most?
  10. If there were a holiday in your honor what would it celebrate?

Chaos-A man’s Heart


Growing up in a traditional muslim family,He learnt many obligations as well as freedom for a human with each passing day.

Filled her every need and words she ever had spoken because of true passion for love and a fear of losing his respect in her thoughts.

Never thought himself of being a prince or something as such but desired that he should be the only one to see the beauty of his princess

He wanted to cover her in all aspects Like even speaking in a low tone in public so that none can hear her melodious tone

Had uncommon thoughts like “princess should be kept away from the crowd to maintain her royalty”

He sometime felt flaunting her to everyone because she was beautiful then many other beauties in the world-

Had sometimes misbelief of showing her to the world that she is his,The beautiful woman is his wife,yet never did so

Contrary, he knew there were many better then him! Though there was loyalty with immense passion from both sides- he was afraid that any may take her away,

Didnt let her knew the words of his heart or brain.Just kept her free for her choice but certainity was present for circumstances

She was happy with him and enjoyed and loved being a wife of very common person .


It was normal day and conversation like most other days with chaos of thier laughter all around in the room

Things changed with a fraction of a second with utmost silence killing all the nuisance.

when he was bullied with racist term ,yet after some tranquilized moments replied with a smile to calm  the ambience and to avoid mutual misconceptions 

He never spoked out his heart or his liquid abstracts which were running through his veins.

Had experienced death at number of moments,still coudnt adapt with the pain.

Knew very well “if one feels offended or shows his weakness in public,he will  be bullied to hell”. A very common words from any mind.

They thought he never felt offended for any reason and is very good,kind and natural person through his deeds and words.

‘Salty’- coffee.

Touching the breeze of mist he sat  in the balcony chair fledging his legs straight over the balcony railings, Clutching his coffee mug, restlessly stable looking in the eye of trauma that he faces everyday at least half of his day.Recalling common memories of his hay days which widened his lips slowly following again with precipitous solid blackout ,

All the ‘w’ questions ringing his bell out of no where! Creating the usual chaos of the place banging and spanking his head ; Couldnt open his eyes due to crumbling tears and swollened red gloss. With gathered gut thinking of whats next?

He had mind state of ‘come what may’ from the even days.Tears rolling down his cheeks dripping in the coffee mug pulled his presence,

Peeping inside, sipped the mixture with curiosity and smiled again enjoying the taste to invent something new,may be a new type of coffee;

Protruding phase of life,


It started unknowingly without

any reason,with lack of truce .

Based on assumptions,    

Because loyalty isnt the only 

characteristic of love!

but still somwhere in the ticker

it urged its essence.

Though with lack of genuiness

the warmth found its own way 

and made it irrestible.

To give life,its own existence!