Chaos-A man’s Heart


Growing up in a traditional muslim family,He learnt many obligations as well as freedom for a human with each passing day.

Filled her every need and words she ever had spoken because of true passion for love and a fear of losing his respect in her thoughts.

Never thought himself of being a prince or something as such but desired that he should be the only one to see the beauty of his princess

He wanted to cover her in all aspects Like even speaking in a low tone in public so that none can hear her melodious tone

Had uncommon thoughts like “princess should be kept away from the crowd to maintain her royalty”

He sometime felt flaunting her to everyone because she was beautiful then many other beauties in the world-

Had sometimes misbelief of showing her to the world that she is his,The beautiful woman is his wife,yet never did so

Contrary, he knew there were many better then him! Though there was loyalty with immense passion from both sides- he was afraid that any may take her away,

Didnt let her knew the words of his heart or brain.Just kept her free for her choice but certainity was present for circumstances

She was happy with him and enjoyed and loved being a wife of very common person .

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