No matter,what happens 

Irrespective of all the offense

I will stand by you forever

Since you gave me the pleasure and joy i had ever

I feel like giving a slow hugg and a whisper deep inside you.

As you carry the best ardour out of the few

You prevail in my heart and vein

But didnt left my flesh and brain

I wont let you slip away

Though our routes are stray

Come what may,i will love you

my soul is accompanied with no clue

For every single need i have got

You are the only girl i wish to tie the knot


39 thoughts on “Desire.

      1. ooo….nice…wishing you good luck that your family and hers will understand how perfect couples you two are and god may bless you both a good life together…i think i should stop probing further :/


      2. ok do delete them 🙂 sorry for the inconvenience i made you..i am terribly sorry..never again


      1. The comment i made on ur post about mumbai,u should check that sentence in ur post,that was a correction.for that i didnt commented again n asked for a mail id cause talking on a comment box is idiotic-P.S m sorry i had to say this

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