The moment when i first
had a glimpse you,
I didnt had any intentions
of living through.

I just thought you were a
beautiful girl,
But knew very well i was
a match, null.

I remember all your brisk
Days past with less ending

Soon i felt my heart was
your prey,
But neither had several
guts to say.

Kept all the emotions in the
depth of my heart,
However my heart declared
me to play a part.

I failed to distinguish out
your love,
Had a belief, almighty’s
miracle can rove.

You had fallen to me in the
fathom of my breath,
I wasnt good and thought i
would be a ruth.

Tried to move away for
some betterment,
Allure pulled me to you
as my life’s assignment.

When you confessed your
attachment to me,
I played a juggle calling it
as a love scree.

Ecstasy made my body
dance to your portal,
And i  promised myself 
i will make our love ‘Immortal’.


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