Encouraging Thunder Award


A special Thanks to you Himali for this award.I am grateful to you for appreciating and encouraging my work and for considering me worth for the Encouraging thunder award.
Its my third award altogether and thanks to all my fellow bloggers for thier love and kindness and none the less for thier likes aswell!

   Purpose of my blogging :

• To Express.
• To Transpose my words into
• To never forget Her.
• To be famous or be a person
   who would be recalled.
• To learn and understand life by
   reading the other bloggers.

    Further Nominees

• aburdiefromlahore.wordpress.com
• girlmeetslife78.wordpress.com
• randomsbyarandom.wordpress.com
• myeternaldreams.wordpress.com
• imperfectgirl.wordpress.com

  Rules for accepting the Award.

• Post it in your blog.
• Nominate other bloggers.
• Thank the blogger,who
   nominated you.
• Add the Encouraging thunder
• And write your purpose of

6 thoughts on “Encouraging Thunder Award

  1. Congratulations dear !! You didn’t tag me !!! Thank fully I read this.. Thanks a lot for accepting the award.. I really love all your reasons.. The one which caught my eye is :

    To never forget Her

    Hehe he 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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