Let the globe feel pity on
I have less abstracts
for them.

I was a human first,
I am a muslim then.

None attended when i was
Screams i feel and i am less

None cared my mother’s
I wont care thier mother’s

I seek refuge only from the
No needed help from the

I was left personal, I will
be personal
Of my lose thier cant be
any reversal.


20 thoughts on “Palestine.

  1. This really makes me think twice. It’s so deep and moving, yet very intriguing, at the same time. It’s a very fascinating and awe-inspiring piece of poetry.

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  2. This is painfully beautiful… And true… But cant the weeping heart feel the depth of an alien weep too.. Isn’t this more the mistake of the leaders, media and govt more than the people.. Just my thought.. It was a soulful piece of poetry.

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