I had this dream,
A dream of  you every night
Embracing your back in
my arms
And sniffing your aroma all night
Kissing your fingers and your palms.

I had this dream,
Of pressing myself to you tightly
Leaning my fingers on your lips
Motionless movements spent till
the light.
Resting on your hair quitely.

I had this dream,
Of watching your sculpture curiously in the dark.
Swaying finger tips on your face
And resting my head to you till sleep.

I had this dream,
You repeating all the course
Embracing my back and Carrasing me in the morning.
Making me smile on perceiving
my dream.


14 thoughts on “Dreams.

      1. I understand that. Sometimes our words cannot fully express what it is that we are trying to say about what we’re feeling at that moment. But you do SUCH a good job Afmai. 🙂

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