I need someone to 

pour off my heart

Someone to displace 

the gush of love into

There is none for me

But a mind of debris

I nor feel god

Or i woke up now

Neither i have humans

I have lost my senses

There’s fizz in my brain

But It isn’t anger

I am tough but won’t  

bear it longer

Bursted Expectations  

aren’t the one,

May be loneliness  

has already done.

‎ افماي

Rejected Pauper

Prettiest lips pink any would have ever seen

With a Beauty spot naughty around, the chin

Smiles the deadliest weapon Of her part

Many have died with arrows through their heart

Sometimes i desire to feel your face on my finger tips

Your arrogance and my limits kills my desires to bits

Mushy lashes on the big brown Shy eyes

Creates a unique phenomena of Fire on ice

Shiny white straight her round tipped Nose

An Added beauty to her highness overall course

I am the pauper lifting her Palanquin through the roads

Those are only stories were the Princesses kiss the toads.


The Wait.

The route of love is  

harsh and tough,

Straight as pony hair

but pretty rough.

Words of promise were 

fair from oneside,

Blunder and misery

from the other side.

Waited every moment  

for her, all the while.

From dawn to dusk

he lost his smile.

Killed his hunger with 

pains and scares,

Burried his thirst with 

aches and tears.

Appealed himself,should 

have loved her more,

So to change her soul

till the core.




In the harsh weather of rain
and wind,
Lusts unfolded and thoughts
were blind.

Deep in the mysteries of
falling night,
Squeezed each other and
smooched elite.

Fuming blood and warmth
were ferocious,
Feelings Impulsive and gut
turned nervous.

Stains and marks of love
were even,
Bodies were perspiring with
desires divine.

Undraped chassis with
mesmerizing pleasure,
Fanning and igniting the
flames of desire.

Swimming in the abyss of
seductive devotion,
Entwined breath enjoyed the
warming passion.

Souls beneath the bodies
adored the fervour,
With injested Love essence
and desires Forever.



Sledge hammer mashing his
heart dodging every beat,
Slothing the roughness of the
pounding heat.

Crushed meat flew abetting
a tyranny in his veins,
Its saline water in his eyes
dripping slowly as rains.

Every part of his flesh tries
to memorise ecstasy,
Forgotten in the mould of
black night his only rivalry.

Beads brimming his vision
with her palms she effaced,
Blinked a couple moments,
unfurled his eyes and gazed.

He saw the Divine shimmer
which entwined her face,
That was mere illusion in the
sun whipping away his haze.





Slitted wrist,oozing blood,merry
soul flew ,
Desire of rememberance was
going to be true.
Body had dying fear but soul
was gay,
Pulses left acting infidel and
ran away.
The warmth she gave was all
his strength,
But life in different volition was
a reason to repent.
Words didnt reach her that he
uttered last,
Regrets were none,as love was
turned past.
Smiles were disguised, pulling
gasps of unconciousness dry.
Saw her face wrapped in eternity
which eased the final breath fly.

Chaos-A man’s Heart


Growing up in a traditional muslim family,He learnt many obligations as well as freedom for a human with each passing day.

Filled her every need and words she ever had spoken because of true passion for love and a fear of losing his respect in her thoughts.

Never thought himself of being a prince or something as such but desired that he should be the only one to see the beauty of his princess

He wanted to cover her in all aspects Like even speaking in a low tone in public so that none can hear her melodious tone

Had uncommon thoughts like “princess should be kept away from the crowd to maintain her royalty”

He sometime felt flaunting her to everyone because she was beautiful then many other beauties in the world-

Had sometimes misbelief of showing her to the world that she is his,The beautiful woman is his wife,yet never did so

Contrary, he knew there were many better then him! Though there was loyalty with immense passion from both sides- he was afraid that any may take her away,

Didnt let her knew the words of his heart or brain.Just kept her free for her choice but certainity was present for circumstances

She was happy with him and enjoyed and loved being a wife of very common person .

‘Salty’- coffee.

Touching the breeze of mist he sat  in the balcony chair fledging his legs straight over the balcony railings, Clutching his coffee mug, restlessly stable looking in the eye of trauma that he faces everyday at least half of his day.Recalling common memories of his hay days which widened his lips slowly following again with precipitous solid blackout ,

All the ‘w’ questions ringing his bell out of no where! Creating the usual chaos of the place banging and spanking his head ; Couldnt open his eyes due to crumbling tears and swollened red gloss. With gathered gut thinking of whats next?

He had mind state of ‘come what may’ from the even days.Tears rolling down his cheeks dripping in the coffee mug pulled his presence,

Peeping inside, sipped the mixture with curiosity and smiled again enjoying the taste to invent something new,may be a new type of coffee;

Women “Desire”,-???


It was a mystery he failed again to unfold, unable to detect the fathom of a womens heart.Reached the most unartificial results though; 

He knew he was everything a women needs or wants in natural case, in his own way!

After a few drags he was ready for the  new adventure,The slow world-his mind set on the reverse gear with thinking  ability turning twice every second to write something new,he never regreted his  dope life until he thought from her brains.

He felt doing it for her; like Being a good man,well settled ,nicely dressed and Blah!

Sometimes she desired to spent her life which was still future,romancing all over.

On the other she even tried to get rid off,

They were a common couple but life was drooping strange things with them.

He couldnt conquer his heart over his brain .Or he couldnt be on two tracks at the same time.

He never sipped confession with her,

He tried to understand many times what exactly she wanted from him; they knew very well that they had to walk life from different routes,it was always a question for him,who controls his heart?

why should i do things she wants me to do,even after knowing that we were just bisectors walking on the path of life…

He thought