Can’t Get Over You,



Unfavourable “Breakup”

The breathe was high and tough

The thoughts were Blur and Rough

Desired to utter about his feelings were a miss

He never had the habit of expressing his abyss

To whom will he rely, say or cry

There were none for him to give a try

Betting that he had played his parts and portions

He was Getting into numerous answers for no questions

Nothing was wrong between the duo

After a week of no talks he didnt had any wind-up to show.


A Letter to my ‘wife’


I am not substantial.

I couldnt find a better job.
I am not distinguished.
I couldnt persuade your parents.
I couldnt care our kids better.
I couldnt give you, what you deserved.
I couldnt comprehend you feelings.
I couldnt be a better Lover……..

“Frozen days”


Shattered like a Broken mirror he was;
Choosed to stay lonely, so nobody disturbs for his favourite pass time!
Recalling her pretty face, lustful eyes or wide pink lips or the  moments of thier aliveness like playing in the rain or embracing on the small couch and sniffing the scent of her hair and falling asleep in the pleasant aroma …

Sometimes he turned aggressive;
How can this be thier end ?
Or concluded this is the way thier life was destined!

Perception were pinching him all day’s in his nights, He couldnt get over her or didnt desired to get over the bitter verity.
Tried to recollect all the pretty or silly article the pair accomplished together
He had her no more in his life!
But still everything of her in his life……


Always tried doing something big for fame of their name, a normal book keeper of less knowledge of his work, had his mind repeatedly hovering on articles which nobody knew!

He desired to be enormously popular but unlike many celebrities or business tycoons,
There was nothing so special to know about their story,things were ordinary and common like every romantic fable, still there was a need which made him eager!
Afraid of getting his privacy ruined,He wanted  all of the world to know their unconditional sweet relation and their  beautiful Love life.
But he just wanted their names to be famous not them,
A story, a book or substance which would be memorized or honoured with their name ‘afmai’

Act of “Life”

He played as a hubby and a father of 3 children for a good part of his life.

“Its  the  story of common Pair”.
Which acted as husband and wife to satisfy their wants, their Love, thier ending relationship because they always knew that they were never going to be together.

It was Mirage which help them out of this tragedy-Happiness was the word for mirage. It was a married life for them but not for the world, she proved herself quite a caring and romantic wife and on the other hand her husband worked whole day to earn their living to manage their simple but complicated life. The kids were never born or existed however they saw the same vision from different eyes! It was good act of Life  or Love which  made one mirage visible to the duo.

Eyes without Lies.

Its a matter of feelings that one have for other that we call trust , loyalty or the abstract which has no defination.Every time i peeped in her water glossed eyes i always sensed curiosity to be believed,I did believed everything even i knew it was a lie.Many times sweet to smile on or sometimes bitter – hard to digest,still I made my enzymes strong enough to believe every lie she said. My heart made my brain his own bunny that my brain stop conflicting with him and flew in the direction my heart wanted.After a long time being i think that was all bull shit ! But again it was redirected because i enjoyed the small phase of my beautiful life.