Let the globe feel pity on
I have less abstracts
for them.

I was a human first,
I am a muslim then.

None attended when i was
Screams i feel and i am less

None cared my mother’s
I wont care thier mother’s

I seek refuge only from the
No needed help from the

I was left personal, I will
be personal
Of my lose thier cant be
any reversal.





No power can fill me back
the way you did.
You were made for me,
counted my only thing.
Life is merry rather smiles
of happiness demised.
Days of emptiness is all
i hate,nothing so surprise.
I miss your fragrance like ,
blended in my soul.
I see the rest of the world
in my eyes they revolve.
More no future is in my
brains nor i wish to live.
Past is my only concern
and on memories i thrive.


Days of Blossom.


Gifted were the solace when
the match was together,
She promised him,she would
love him forever.

Each day passing by with
growing love and ecstasy,
Both enjoyed thier passion
and each other’s company.

They grew up mature with
new promises to keep,
Thier love made them believe
it was thier streak.

Trust was like clutching hands
and walking blind fold,
There was’nt any of stories
or secrets untold.

Spirits were drapped and
ignited with no muddle,
Abstracts were undefined but
a pure delight for the couple.


A Hope to Hope

Running around demise
matt vision
Sipping tears, hog tied
Tightened veins to stop
the flow
Gulping sorrows deep in
every inch of throat
Querying forgivness to
the lord
Panting breathe dead
Lost numerous life that
lived in single soul
Searching mistakes into
the ropes of mind
Pleading happiness and
moments of rejoice
Trying patience as HIS



In the harsh weather of rain
and wind,
Lusts unfolded and thoughts
were blind.

Deep in the mysteries of
falling night,
Squeezed each other and
smooched elite.

Fuming blood and warmth
were ferocious,
Feelings Impulsive and gut
turned nervous.

Stains and marks of love
were even,
Bodies were perspiring with
desires divine.

Undraped chassis with
mesmerizing pleasure,
Fanning and igniting the
flames of desire.

Swimming in the abyss of
seductive devotion,
Entwined breath enjoyed the
warming passion.

Souls beneath the bodies
adored the fervour,
With injested Love essence
and desires Forever.



Sledge hammer mashing his
heart dodging every beat,
Slothing the roughness of the
pounding heat.

Crushed meat flew abetting
a tyranny in his veins,
Its saline water in his eyes
dripping slowly as rains.

Every part of his flesh tries
to memorise ecstasy,
Forgotten in the mould of
black night his only rivalry.

Beads brimming his vision
with her palms she effaced,
Blinked a couple moments,
unfurled his eyes and gazed.

He saw the Divine shimmer
which entwined her face,
That was mere illusion in the
sun whipping away his haze.





The day arrived which no soul’s
awaited for,
It was her birthday with neither
celebrations nor decor.
There weren’t any presents or
wishes coming by,
She didn’t had evoked so there
wasnt a high.
Normal day passing with all the
chores to abide,
There were sobbs and disabled
heart other side.
He was the only individual who
recalled her day,
But had anguish because of less
blissful May.
The day was too important and
so he was insane,
Tried to wail his heart out but
couldnt relief the pain.
It was her day and he couldn’t
even wish her ,
Fate bought them a path which
made thier lives wither.



The moment when i first
had a glimpse you,
I didnt had any intentions
of living through.

I just thought you were a
beautiful girl,
But knew very well i was
a match, null.

I remember all your brisk
Days past with less ending

Soon i felt my heart was
your prey,
But neither had several
guts to say.

Kept all the emotions in the
depth of my heart,
However my heart declared
me to play a part.

I failed to distinguish out
your love,
Had a belief, almighty’s
miracle can rove.

You had fallen to me in the
fathom of my breath,
I wasnt good and thought i
would be a ruth.

Tried to move away for
some betterment,
Allure pulled me to you
as my life’s assignment.

When you confessed your
attachment to me,
I played a juggle calling it
as a love scree.

Ecstasy made my body
dance to your portal,
And i  promised myself 
i will make our love ‘Immortal’.




Slitted wrist,oozing blood,merry
soul flew ,
Desire of rememberance was
going to be true.
Body had dying fear but soul
was gay,
Pulses left acting infidel and
ran away.
The warmth she gave was all
his strength,
But life in different volition was
a reason to repent.
Words didnt reach her that he
uttered last,
Regrets were none,as love was
turned past.
Smiles were disguised, pulling
gasps of unconciousness dry.
Saw her face wrapped in eternity
which eased the final breath fly.



No pain of getting torn apart,
Had i not known life had
vicious crafts.
Yet I had left some try to give,
With lots of hopes and shots
I kept on trying for there may
be a miracle,
Aware of  the consequences 
I wish she loves me once again,
So i can feel her and my heart
All my try went in vain,
I thought i would never bloom
There may be someday she may
realise me,
I dont want her to cry, but come
to me free.
I will wait for her forever,
Untill she feels back my amour.


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