Rejected Pauper

Prettiest lips pink any would have ever seen

With a Beauty spot naughty around, the chin

Smiles the deadliest weapon Of her part

Many have died with arrows through their heart

Sometimes i desire to feel your face on my finger tips

Your arrogance and my limits kills my desires to bits

Mushy lashes on the big brown Shy eyes

Creates a unique phenomena of Fire on ice

Shiny white straight her round tipped Nose

An Added beauty to her highness overall course

I am the pauper lifting her Palanquin through the roads

Those are only stories were the Princesses kiss the toads.




You held me all throughout your breath

In my rough and good till the death

When, I was fragile you gave me strength

My joy and glory were your prayers length

Even in the worst of your instance

You gave me your finest assistance

Unyielded yourself and gave me anchor

And obeyed me ever like a fidel bower

Slumbering breaths of you in my arms

Eloping away your heart in my palms

You woke up with me in the days of  bright

Cried my pains till your visions light

I will never demise your memories away

Even though death drifted our souls stray.





Tu meri rahe na rahe

Tu haqq bas mera hi hai

Mere zehen me bas

Tere hi khwab hai

Teri ek jhalak ko

Meri ankhian betaab hai

Zindagi ke har mod pe

Bas teri hi yaad hai

Woh yaad mere saat hai

Har waqt mujhe khaas hai

Kahin teri chudion

Ki khankar hai

Kahin teri payalon

Ki chankar thi

Door kahin registan me

Pyaase ko paani ki aas hai

Tu hi meri pyaas hai

Tu hi mera saraab hai

Tanhaion ke andheron me

Chehre pe mere muskurahatein

Din ke woh ujaale the teri

Bemaujudgi ki ghabrahatein

Tere har zarre se mujhe pyaar hai

Mere dil me pal pal ek sailab hai.


It was normal day and conversation like most other days with chaos of thier laughter all around in the room

Things changed with a fraction of a second with utmost silence killing all the nuisance.

when he was bullied with racist term ,yet after some tranquilized moments replied with a smile to calm  the ambience and to avoid mutual misconceptions 

He never spoked out his heart or his liquid abstracts which were running through his veins.

Had experienced death at number of moments,still coudnt adapt with the pain.

Knew very well “if one feels offended or shows his weakness in public,he will  be bullied to hell”. A very common words from any mind.

They thought he never felt offended for any reason and is very good,kind and natural person through his deeds and words.

Waiting for Resurrection

I was wandering with still thougts about this natural satellite,The ugly body with huge patches looks so beautiful from far end!

A gleamy and matt white ball hanging up in the air flirting with the unknown darkness.

Moon, it had its own story; May be a lot of them in different ways in different followings.” The sun loved the moon so much that he died every night to let her breath” a very famous myth by the oldies!
They both kept each other chasing to meet for the first time over millions of years, But they could only hear from the other stars and planets that ‘sun just past from this mountain’ or the moon just turned her face!
Its so near but so far always for them,
Pity for the lovers or they would have started enjoying the chase untill the day of Resurrection.

Could’nt get any worse!

It was something hard to believe,i couldnt figure out the exact scenario.

But the words were struck as a sledge hammer in my brain,that she is marrying another guy of her father’s choice in the coming month.

I had nothing, All i did is kept starring
her as if i couldnt understand her words,
I couldnt collect my pieces altogether to get atleast the courage to aske her …..
What about us??
I always knew it was hard for us ,coz of the (stupid) Indian traditions and culture, But i never thought; It would end in such crap!!

Photophobic journey

I aint writing about the batman.
Its just a dark night! Moving against the shimmering light causing a difficulty in vision, just like stars shining right in the eyes as a synonym of headlamps.With enough sleep in the eyes to cause a road mishap some slow music going on and on, hearing nusrat sahab
One of my favourite  artist. Not amused,
Sensing an aroma of business of getting pissed. On a trip with friends after a long time.A 300 km from mumbai to surat,, A calm and cool road just the light or the music creating the havoke…just done with a quarter,
hope the rest of the route would be interesting ;


“Never felt better”?


Woke up after a busy night trying to sleep all the while fighting hunger,
Its bright sunbeam at its best
Making the warmth unbearable.
Lazy ceiling fan with a sweet sound
whispering in me ,sleep a bit more
Its just 11.35 am moreover your To-do list is blank today.

When my appreciable mind said never felt better!!!

Happiness flourishing my mind,
Gives a ting to create a shot circuit
what does never felt better mean?
Is it so that i am not feeling good or may be i had never experienced being so good…….