You held me all throughout your breath

In my rough and good till the death

When, I was fragile you gave me strength

My joy and glory were your prayers length

Even in the worst of your instance

You gave me your finest assistance

Unyielded yourself and gave me anchor

And obeyed me ever like a fidel bower

Slumbering breaths of you in my arms

Eloping away your heart in my palms

You woke up with me in the days of  bright

Cried my pains till your visions light

I will never demise your memories away

Even though death drifted our souls stray.





Tug Of War.


I desired to love you forever
With complete strength and ardor
I can’t live with you any longer
My pain speaks when I wander
I wish to hate you like never
With all the pains and pressure
I miss your cries and absence
I crush your smiles and moments
My tears spell me in the dark
Your sultry eyes creates a mark
I fell again in your treachery
And drop the pains you fed me
My abstracts for you are frozen
You are one for me, my chosen.

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Messed hair touching her face,
To and Fro to her Nose.

Saw her beauty immensely a
hundred times all alone.

Pouty lips unadmired like
ever words could define.

Bound with spells were her
eyes constantly peeping me.

Desires brimming to my mind
to sway her hair from her lips.

So to explore more of her and
her every pinch.

Rosey cheeks like petals of
gladiolus,softest i ever seen.

Walked some miles,just to see
her,Trying to hide behind the wall.

Every effort of me turned futile
in the disguise of her facade.




Let the globe feel pity on
I have less abstracts
for them.

I was a human first,
I am a muslim then.

None attended when i was
Screams i feel and i am less

None cared my mother’s
I wont care thier mother’s

I seek refuge only from the
No needed help from the

I was left personal, I will
be personal
Of my lose thier cant be
any reversal.




No power can fill me back
the way you did.
You were made for me,
counted my only thing.
Life is merry rather smiles
of happiness demised.
Days of emptiness is all
i hate,nothing so surprise.
I miss your fragrance like ,
blended in my soul.
I see the rest of the world
in my eyes they revolve.
More no future is in my
brains nor i wish to live.
Past is my only concern
and on memories i thrive.




No pain of getting torn apart,
Had i not known life had
vicious crafts.
Yet I had left some try to give,
With lots of hopes and shots
I kept on trying for there may
be a miracle,
Aware of  the consequences 
I wish she loves me once again,
So i can feel her and my heart
All my try went in vain,
I thought i would never bloom
There may be someday she may
realise me,
I dont want her to cry, but come
to me free.
I will wait for her forever,
Untill she feels back my amour.


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