You held me all throughout your breath

In my rough and good till the death

When, I was fragile you gave me strength

My joy and glory were your prayers length

Even in the worst of your instance

You gave me your finest assistance

Unyielded yourself and gave me anchor

And obeyed me ever like a fidel bower

Slumbering breaths of you in my arms

Eloping away your heart in my palms

You woke up with me in the days of  bright

Cried my pains till your visions light

I will never demise your memories away

Even though death drifted our souls stray.




Tug Of War.


I desired to love you forever
With complete strength and ardor
I can’t live with you any longer
My pain speaks when I wander
I wish to hate you like never
With all the pains and pressure
I miss your cries and absence
I crush your smiles and moments
My tears spell me in the dark
Your sultry eyes creates a mark
I fell again in your treachery
And drop the pains you fed me
My abstracts for you are frozen
You are one for me, my chosen.

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In the harsh weather of rain
and wind,
Lusts unfolded and thoughts
were blind.

Deep in the mysteries of
falling night,
Squeezed each other and
smooched elite.

Fuming blood and warmth
were ferocious,
Feelings Impulsive and gut
turned nervous.

Stains and marks of love
were even,
Bodies were perspiring with
desires divine.

Undraped chassis with
mesmerizing pleasure,
Fanning and igniting the
flames of desire.

Swimming in the abyss of
seductive devotion,
Entwined breath enjoyed the
warming passion.

Souls beneath the bodies
adored the fervour,
With injested Love essence
and desires Forever.



The moment when i first
had a glimpse you,
I didnt had any intentions
of living through.

I just thought you were a
beautiful girl,
But knew very well i was
a match, null.

I remember all your brisk
Days past with less ending

Soon i felt my heart was
your prey,
But neither had several
guts to say.

Kept all the emotions in the
depth of my heart,
However my heart declared
me to play a part.

I failed to distinguish out
your love,
Had a belief, almighty’s
miracle can rove.

You had fallen to me in the
fathom of my breath,
I wasnt good and thought i
would be a ruth.

Tried to move away for
some betterment,
Allure pulled me to you
as my life’s assignment.

When you confessed your
attachment to me,
I played a juggle calling it
as a love scree.

Ecstasy made my body
dance to your portal,
And i  promised myself 
i will make our love ‘Immortal’.