You held me all throughout your breath

In my rough and good till the death

When, I was fragile you gave me strength

My joy and glory were your prayers length

Even in the worst of your instance

You gave me your finest assistance

Unyielded yourself and gave me anchor

And obeyed me ever like a fidel bower

Slumbering breaths of you in my arms

Eloping away your heart in my palms

You woke up with me in the days of  bright

Cried my pains till your visions light

I will never demise your memories away

Even though death drifted our souls stray.






Tu meri rahe na rahe

Tu haqq bas mera hi hai

Mere zehen me bas

Tere hi khwab hai

Teri ek jhalak ko

Meri ankhian betaab hai

Zindagi ke har mod pe

Bas teri hi yaad hai

Woh yaad mere saat hai

Har waqt mujhe khaas hai

Kahin teri chudion

Ki khankar hai

Kahin teri payalon

Ki chankar thi

Door kahin registan me

Pyaase ko paani ki aas hai

Tu hi meri pyaas hai

Tu hi mera saraab hai

Tanhaion ke andheron me

Chehre pe mere muskurahatein

Din ke woh ujaale the teri

Bemaujudgi ki ghabrahatein

Tere har zarre se mujhe pyaar hai

Mere dil me pal pal ek sailab hai.



Messed hair touching her face,
To and Fro to her Nose.

Saw her beauty immensely a
hundred times all alone.

Pouty lips unadmired like
ever words could define.

Bound with spells were her
eyes constantly peeping me.

Desires brimming to my mind
to sway her hair from her lips.

So to explore more of her and
her every pinch.

Rosey cheeks like petals of
gladiolus,softest i ever seen.

Walked some miles,just to see
her,Trying to hide behind the wall.

Every effort of me turned futile
in the disguise of her facade.