Encouraging Thunder Award


A special Thanks to you Himali for this award.I am grateful to you for appreciating and encouraging my work and for considering me worth for the Encouraging thunder award.
Its my third award altogether and thanks to all my fellow bloggers for thier love and kindness and none the less for thier likes aswell!

   Purpose of my blogging :

• To Express.
• To Transpose my words into
• To never forget Her.
• To be famous or be a person
   who would be recalled.
• To learn and understand life by
   reading the other bloggers.

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The day arrived which no soul’s
awaited for,
It was her birthday with neither
celebrations nor decor.
There weren’t any presents or
wishes coming by,
She didn’t had evoked so there
wasnt a high.
Normal day passing with all the
chores to abide,
There were sobbs and disabled
heart other side.
He was the only individual who
recalled her day,
But had anguish because of less
blissful May.
The day was too important and
so he was insane,
Tried to wail his heart out but
couldnt relief the pain.
It was her day and he couldn’t
even wish her ,
Fate bought them a path which
made thier lives wither.



The moment when i first
had a glimpse you,
I didnt had any intentions
of living through.

I just thought you were a
beautiful girl,
But knew very well i was
a match, null.

I remember all your brisk
Days past with less ending

Soon i felt my heart was
your prey,
But neither had several
guts to say.

Kept all the emotions in the
depth of my heart,
However my heart declared
me to play a part.

I failed to distinguish out
your love,
Had a belief, almighty’s
miracle can rove.

You had fallen to me in the
fathom of my breath,
I wasnt good and thought i
would be a ruth.

Tried to move away for
some betterment,
Allure pulled me to you
as my life’s assignment.

When you confessed your
attachment to me,
I played a juggle calling it
as a love scree.

Ecstasy made my body
dance to your portal,
And i  promised myself 
i will make our love ‘Immortal’.


Versatile Blogger Award

Its really a phenomenal good feeling to be nominated for something that big;Thanx to the Empress(ishitanagpal.wordpress.com) who nominated me.I always apprehend when i read her work i feel her as a person of high and different caliber.


Rules for this award:-
• Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you.
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Here are 7 facts about me:
– I sing aloud and dance around on the roads like a complete idiot.
– I cook good indian food,
– I am obsessed with married life,  having children and wife and living for them.
– I dont brush my teeth everyday.
– I am a very good Liar.
– I have many friends who love and like me whole heartedly,But i never return them.what they are worth of.
– I hate TV.

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Thanks for all your support…